Feeding Your Dog Safely

There’s now a bowl made just for flat-faced breeds! Introducing The Loving Bowl, a new way to more safely feed your dog.

The Loving Bowl

“It’s like giving your pet a Knife and Fork.” – Bill, The Loving Bowl Founder 

Pet parents who have dogs with squishy faces like Kilo the Pug  (brachycephalic breeds), know all too well the difficulties when it comes to feeding. Due to their short muzzles, they sometimes have a harder time eating kibble or even wet food laying on the bottom of the bowl (although I have to say, it doesn’t seem to slow greedy little Kilo).

Kilo actually works for some of his kibble during the day, solving puzzles, playing with treat balls, doing tricks or playing go find. He gets a small amount of kibble in his bowl for breakfast and dinner, usually mixed with water and yoghurt or other yummy healthy fresh foods.  Like many dogs, he may take his kibble out of his bowl to eat or dive in face first and suck his dinner up like a vacuum cleaner. We have not yet had the problem, but I have heard this can cause health issues like indigestion as too much air goes down with food, plus it definitely can make a mess. I was excited to try the new bowl to slow him down and make things more comfortable.

The Loving Bowl Is A Cool New Way To Feed Your Dog

Bill, a proud owner of 2 French Bulldogs, Lacey and Eva, is the creator of The Loving Bowl. He is an avid pet lover and active philanthropist (we first saw the bowl at a PugALug Pug Rescue Event he was supporting). Bill noticed that his poor short-snouted girls would struggle every time they would eat. He constructed a bowl that would make food more accessible while cutting down on mess and chance of bloat, keeping everyone in his family happy.

How Does The Loving Bowl Work?

The Loving Bowl has added a few modifications to a traditional dog bowl design. They increased its size and they gave it a simple 45-degree slope on one side of the bowl.

Kilo stands over his loving bowl filled with kibble

Pets can bring their kibble from the bottom of the bowl to the slope, where they can more easily grasp their food. This allows the pet to separate his food in the bowl, slowing down feeding time, while enjoying a more comfortable feeding position. The dip in the front of the bowl also allows for your pet to effortlessly reach their food without having to overextend their neck.


Kilo tried it with dry and wet food and we now use it all the time. He certainly seems to prefer it to his flat bowl and licked it clean, although he just loves to eat anywhere, anytime from anything. The bowl definitely makes it easier for him and less messy for me.

Kilo eating out of the loving bowl

It’s one of the only veterinary approved pet bowls on the market.

Get Your Loving Bowl

Disclosure: We received a bowl for Kilo the Pug to try in exchange for our honest review. The opinions expressed are our own.

The Loving Bowl is made from high-quality ABS food grade plastic and is best suited for dogs and cats between 10 to 24 lbs. It comes in three colors (white, pink and blue) and sells for $29.99. You can order yours online at The Loving Bowl website.

There’s a new stainless steel version designed for dogs 25 lbs. and up.

 Does Your Dog Use Feeding Bowls Specific To It’s Breed? Have you ever had an issue with bloat or gobbling? What do you do to help?

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