Happy Tongue Out Tuesday

Love Kilo the Pug & Friends

Kilo ToT

Kilo loved his Neo Paws yellow life jacket. Perfect for water activities!

He also loved his trip to PetSmart to buy some treats from Wellness Brand Trufood.

Kilo at PetSmart

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Enjoy our Friends Tongue Out Tuesday Photos!

Nemo for tot

Kilo’s new pal Nemo the rescue chihuahua posed with mom Marybeth Haines to promote her novel, “The power of Pets”. Stay tuned for the complete interview!

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Zoe Tongue Out Tuesday

Zoe prefers running with her tongue out.

Bronsters not a Monster Trick Dog tongue out tuesday

Bronsters not a Monster Trick Dog can’t contain his happiness… and tongue!

jack russell does a pawstand for tot

How about celebrating T.O.T. with a paw-stand like Shivers of My Dog Isn’t Perfect?!

jack with crab hat on

Jack of Jack’s World was feeling kind of crabby.

Check Out All Of These T.O.T. Pictures Of Dogs From The Canadian Pet Expo!


Hero the Super Collie greets fans after his performance

tan dog smiling

brown puppy head tilt










Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 5.25.15 PM

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 5.25.23 PM


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