Tongue Out Tuesday Featuring Friends

Kilo TOT cute PIN

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday from Kilo the Pug and the talented dogs of Talent Hounds.  Join the fun and be featured on the blog in next week’s post. Simply share your dog’s tongue out photo with us on the site or our Facebook or Twitter.

Smile and Enjoy these photos of our pals letting their tongues hang out!

Jager de Pug for TOT

Jager De Pug

Dolce Vita Pomeranian for TOT

Dolce Vita Pomeranian

Jackson Andrew the therapy dog for TOT

Jackson Andrew a hard working therapy dog enjoying a well-deserved pat.

TOT dogs from fearless pet

Major tongue out for Tuesday from Fearless Pet

Bocker Labradoodle TOT

And of course our BFF Bocker Labradoodle. I bet he just had a Frosty Paws.

May your day be full of treats and love.

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