HOT DIGGITY –  Lots of Tricks for Treats from The Ulti-Mutts Bella & Sophia

Talent Hounds was down filming our good friend and amazing positive trainer Melissa Millett  and her Ulti-Mutts Stunt Dog Show at PawsWay in Toronto.

Check out the great action shots we got of Bella and Sophia, Melissa’s stars, showing off their talent to the crowd!

Thanks to our sponsors BULLWRINKLES & Barnsdale Farms all natural, healthy delicious treats!

TH Bella & Bullwrinkles Car

Bella in her new ride! The BULLWRINKLES Benz

TH Bella Sophia & Car at Pawsway

Bella and Sophia in action! Look at that concentration

TH Bell at Piano Pawsway

Bella serenading the crowd.

TH Bella Bike Pawsway

Have you ever seen a dog ride a bike… and look so cool doing it?

Bella and Sophia posed with fans.

TH Pawway Ulti mutts


Melissa  uses and teaches positive reinforcement to train dogs. She often uses a clicker to mark positive behaviours. Once you’ve mastered the “clicker” you are ready to move on to verbal cues and tricks!

For her full DVD or classes in London, Ontario, contact her at In Dogs We Trust (a very good investment).

You can also find out much more about Clicker Training at

Happy Training Tuesday!


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