Victoria Stilwell -Train your Dog Positively!


We were so pleased to see wonderful Victoria Stilwell again at this year’s All About Pets Show! She gave awesome presentations on positive training and talked to our Hot Diggity news team about her new book: Train Your Dog Positively which we are really enjoying.


Her book helps you understand your dog and boost their confidence. She shows how positive reinforcement and reward based training work better than “bullying” or dominating your dog or fear and punishment based methods.


If you can communicate patiently and effectively how you want your dog to behave, and tap into their natural instincts and give them incentives, they will want to do what you want. You will build your bond with your best friend and be able to solve common behavioural issues.

You can see her series “It’s Me or the Dog” on The Pet Network in Canada. Also check out her post on Dog/Child Safety and Bite Prevention Here

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