11 Funny Things My Pug Does Video

My little rescue Kilo the Pug makes me smile every day. Pugs are such a quirky entertaining breed and Kilo is such a character. For Giving Tuesday, watch this 11 Funny Things My Pug Does video and smile.

Donation to Kilo’s Rescue – Homeward Bound

We will donate $1.00 for every new subscriber to our Talent Hounds YouTube Channel plus 40% of our revenue from this video featuring foster dog Kilo the black Pug, and 40% of revenue from the 12 Dogs of Christmas Video to Homeward Bound Rescue.

Keep Dogs Out Of Shelters

Take our Dog Breed Quiz and find out what type of dog is your ideal canine companion. I got Party Pug LOL.

Pugs can make such fun entertaining loving companions but they do need a lot of affection/attention, they shed and they love their food.

I train Kilo for at least 20 minutes every day and take him for at least 4 short walks and play lots of games. Today he learned to close kitchen cupboards. He already knows sit, stay (when he wants to), lie down (although he prefers to bow), spin/dance/jump, jump up, down, walk (like a human), touch, shake a paw, hi 5, go find and other behaviours but sit is really the only reliable one. He only performs for treats so far and takes quite a lot of practise (that may be my fault as I am a novice at training). He also loves agility and chasing toys (he does not like returning them to me).

Find out more about Pugs and other dog breeds in our Breed Library, and add your stories and photos.


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