We have been rescuing Great Danes and finding new, caring homes for them since 1956 to give them a second chance at finding happiness, and someone who cares.

Our primary focus is the welfare of the dog, and our procedures minimize stress on the animal. It is our responsibility to find a good home for these unfortunate cases and we go to great lengths to ensure that the new home is totally suitable.

Some rescued Danes come to us from shelters and abusive or neglectful homes – others through family changes, separation, divorce or financial reversals. We also get rescues from some Dane owners who are not aware of the special needs of a Dane and have not prepared themselves for a dog that doesn’t reach maturity until 2 years of age.

Our dogs are physically examined and receive all shots and heartworm tests unless this has proven to have been done by the previous owner. All dogs are neutered or spayed except when inadvisable for a medical reason.
If you own, or know of a Great Dane that needs a good home, or feel you would qualify as a suitable placement home (or foster home) for a Great Dane in need, please contact the longest established Great Dane rescue organization in Ontario – Danes in Distress.