In Dogs we Trust

508 Riverside Drive
London, ON, A1A 1A1


In Dogs We Trust uses positive methods, which means that we teach the dog what we want him to do, instead of correcting him for everything we do not want. This style of training is stress free for you and your dog, while keeping his happy personality intact. Part of our training includes the use of treats since there is nothing more natural than an animal problem solving in order to find food. However, if your dog doesn’t respond without having to see a treat first-You are not doing it right!

We can show you how to fade that food lure, reward intermittently by occasionally returning to the food bag or use environmental rewards (which are way more potent to your dog anyways!) Check out our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say about our services. Watch owner and head trainer Melissa Millett visit the homes of Londoners to provide them with effective and positive motivational methods to help change their dog’s behavioral problems on Doggy House Calls! Every Wednesday at 6:30pm on Rogers Cable 13!