Tiny Paws Rescue Dogs Canada

Website: https://www.tpdr.ca/

Telephone: 1800-774-8315

Leamington, ON, 111111


Tiny Paws Dog Rescue rescues small pure and mixed breed dogs (weighing 20 pounds and under) and finds them loving forever homes.


Tiny Paws Dog Rescue is a Registered Canadian Charity dedicated to rescuing and finding new homes for pure and mixed breed dogs (weighing 20 pounds and under) in need.

General Information

TPDRC works with shelters, pounds, other rescues, and private individuals to save dogs that might otherwise be euthanized and places those dogs into our private foster homes. We provide standard veterinary care and other needed medical treatment, work on training issues and through our adoption screening process, and find new forever homes for the dogs in our care. We also educate the public about the important reasons to spay/neuter pets, the deplorable conditions found in puppy mills, the sources of pet store dogs and the need to adequately care for and train the family pet.