Work With Us

  • We are a lean and passionate team of storytellers and content creators led by Susan Nation. The Talent Hounds team researches the human-animal bond and how pets, especially dogs, enrich our lives. We create and publish content across multiple platforms and regularly reach hundreds of thousands a month. See details of our content and reach below.
  • Susan worked many years in Marketing and Advertising with Unilever, Gillette/P&G, and McKim/BBDO, then for The Economist and D G Medios Concerts in Latin America producing factual content and live events.
  • Susan started innovative multi-award winning TV and digital production company Hop To It Productions in 2006 with Nina Beveridge and Paul Hart of Beevision Productions, after working in sales and development for Lenz Entertainment on global Kids TV series including iconic Nanalan’ for 2+ years. Hop To It Productions produces the Talent Hounds TV Series and other media.

Why Dogs and other Pets?

  • We love dogs!
  • Approximately 65% of families in US and Canada have or love pets, 40% of families have dogs. That’s over 85 million dogs.
  • We reach 3 main segments
  1.   Pet-loving Women 13-35 including Millennials
  2.   Mothers and families with pets
  3.   Women 45+ who love dogs (and some cat lovers and men)

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1. TALENT- We are NOT a talent agency

  • Do you have a Talented Dog with an inspiring story? We are always looking for subjects for our posts, videos, and factual TV series. Contact us at info at talenthounds dot ca or upload HERE.
  • Are you a Pet Influencer? We often get asked for referrals and like to collaborate.
  • Do you want to get your Dog on TV or in films or in live events? We do have a few local opportunities in our own work and frequently get asked for referrals. See our post HERE.
  • Are you a talented writer, photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, web whiz, social media guru, expert, trainer, with a passion for pets? We accept certain guest posts, we like collaborations with the right people and pets, and we often need freelance help.


  • Do you have a brand or product to promote or launch, a problem to solve or content you need?  Let us know – we LOVE working with brands. and agencies. See opportunities below.


  • Are you looking to commission or license content? We have original songs,  videos, TV episodes, photos and memes.
  • We can also create new content to meet your needs including photos, memes, videos, TV and guest posts.

Opportunities & Services

Let us help you grow. We can solve problems or take advantage of opportunities for you.

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Customized Marketing Campaigns and Bespoke Content- especially VIDEO

If you are looking for a tailored marketing or promotional campaign please contact us to discuss your ideas. We’re happy to work with you to develop strategies and create and manage bespoke content and marketing, social and video campaigns for you that meet your specific objectives.

Sponsored Posts / Product Reviews

Do you have a brand, product or service that you’d like us to review or promote? If you want to reach and engage a dog-loving mainly female audience – we can help.

All sponsored posts include a disclosure stating that the content is sponsored. Product reviews always include our honest opinion of your product, and we only promote products or services that we personally recommend.


Limited advertising is available on our site on the sidebar or on certain other locations.

Product or Brand Placement, Sponsorship or Integration in Existing Projects

Contact us to see about collaborating on our existing projects including “Music Rescues” (Feature Doc with country music stars and rescue dogs), “Rescues Rock” (half-hours TV), “Dogs That Inspire” (half-hours TV), “The Backseat Barkers” (for mobile millennials), “Pippy Love” (Feature Romance and rescues film), “Penny P Pug and Penny’s Paws” (pre-school) and “Kids’ Pet Club” (educational for kids and caregivers).

Social Media Promotion

We can help launch your latest product or increase your brand or campaign awareness via our social media networks and engaged following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We can also help you with your own strategy and campaigns.

Our Content & Publishing Reach

  • We started in 2012/2013 with the Talent Hounds TV series (6 half hours) and TV PSAs, shorts and news for The Pet Network & ECG in Canada, DogTV in U.S. and internationally.
  • The site gets  5,000+ unique visitors 20,000 page views per month

We celebrate dogs that inspire us with all sorts of talents. We share photos and videos that entertain, inform and inspire, as well as information to help people train, care for, understand, enjoy and bring out the best in their dogs. We promote responsible pet ownership and adoption.

We publish content (blog posts, photos, videos, infographics, memes, tweets, pins) every week across our channels in several streams including Dogs That Inspire, Rescues Rock, Training, Health, Product Reviews, News, Events, Feature Stories, Comedy, Cute, Contests

A site, YouTube Channel and some social media for Pug lovers inspired by my adorable little 4-year-old rescue – Kilo the Pug

A site and web comedy video series for Millennial pet lovers. The pilot was nominated for Best Pet Video of the Year at BlogPaws.

An online hub for kids and families that love pets featuring kids and pets.  We are developing the informative fun factual “Pet Together” doc and blog series about kids and their pets with kid ambassadors for kids 6-11. We are also developing videos and posts including DIY Dogs, Cooking with Kilo, Product Reviews and other activities for this age group.

Then we have some entertaining “Dog Song Sing-Along” and “Read-Along” videos and “Penny’s Paws” -featuring stories about impulsive imperfect Penny P Pug and games for the younger pre-school crowd.

Hop To It Productions is our TV and Digital Media Production Company with consulting for bespoke videos and influencer campaigns

Social Media Statistics

updated: January 2017 

  • 45,000+ Facebook Fans   (42,000 Talent Hounds, 3,000 Kilo the Pug, 1,000 Kids’ Pet Club)
  • 16,000 Twitter followers @mytalenthounds- reach over 200,000/month – social media, marketing, moms and pet lovers especially dogs
  • 2,200 Pinterest followers- drives 3,000 web visits/month
  • 2485 Instagram followers @mytalenthounds, 4900 @KilothePug (+ we work with @hisnameisbeau 12,000+ and Ms.Charmin 19,000)
  • 2300+ subscribers on 3 main YouTube Channels – over 2 million views

We also work with networks of other Influencers across various channels and at live events.

Brands We’ve Worked With

Sony Action Cam

Product Review plus a video and post- Kilo does Toronto.


TH Tanaya RR montage

We have done contests, Product reviews, branded content, events, TV, PR and corporate videos.


Dog Lovers Days

Dog Lovers Treats and More


Canadian Pet Expo

Dog for Dog



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Bayer – #NoBiteIsRight, K9’s for Warriors



Full Post HERE