american eskimo


American Eskimo

The American Eskimo (also lovingly referred to as the Eskie) is a descendant of the ancient Spitz, originally from Germany – not Alaska, as many presume. The breed apparently adopted the American moniker during World War I when anti-German sentiments were high. Many of today’s breed in North America can trace their roots to performing dogs.

The American Eskimo is snow white with a long coat that sheds profusely in the Spring They come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy. Though they require regular brushing and an occasional bath, their grooming needs are more easily met than one would expect. American Eskimos are usually highly curious, active, intelligent, attentive to their family, and known to be gentle with children. They are charming and lively, however without proper socialization, training, and mental stimulation they can become anxious, hyperactive and destructive.

Originally a sled dog, American Eskimos love to run in the snow and are great companions in cold climates!



Sizes: miniature, small, medium
Personality: athletic, attentive, boisterous, bold, bright, charming, clever, determined, excitable, loyal, outgoing, playful, protective, quick, spirited, vocal
Kid Friendly (1-5): 4
Activity Level (1-5): 5
Trainability (1-5): 5

Hair lengths: long
Shedding (1-5): 5
Jobs: city living, dog sports, family pet, guard dog, lap dog, sporting

More about American Eskimo Dog Breed:

“Medium size, white and fluffy.” -Andrea

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