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Australian Shepherd

Though the name suggests something different, the Australian Shepherd is believed to have had its beginnings in Spain and Andorra, where it worked with Basque shepherds. Basque shepherds then moved to Australia and brought their dogs along. Later, when Australian sheep were imported into the Western United States, the dogs, renamed Australian Shepherds, made the trip. The breed, as we know it today, was developed in the United States and recognized by the AKC in 1991.

Australian Shepherds (also known as Aussies) are animated, lively, athletic and intelligent. They thrive with several hours of exercise every day. Pet parents should be prepared to live an active lifestyle with this breed. Like the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd benefits from and excels at canine sports like disc, agility and herding. They can jump extremely high, catch, run extremely fast, herd and work at a distance. Kowboy Fred, pictured below, thrilled the crowds with his athleticism in our Talent Hounds showcase.

Australian Shepherds are highly trainable, superior work dogs and are suitable for a variety of roles including search and rescue, guide dogs, herding dogs and more.

Australian Shepherds are very friendly, gregarious and loving, but can be shy with strangers. Full of devotion, Aussies may become very attached to their pet parents and are known as “velcro dogs.”

Their moderate to thick coats come in black, red, and merle, with or without white and tan markings, and require regular brushing.


Sizes: medium
Personality: active, affectionate, good-natured, intelligent, protective
Kid Friendly (1-5): 5
Activity Level (1-5): 5
Trainability (1-5): 5

Hair lengths: long
Shedding (1-5): 3
Jobs: dog sports, family pet, herding, working

More about Australian Shepherd Dog Breed:

“Although I love all breeds, the Australian Shepherd is close to my heart because my grandmother owns one and he is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. They are a medium size breed, but don’t let that fool you—they can out run most dogs when it comes to fetch. After all that running, you’d think they would be a hyper breed, but my grandmother’s dog Scout is completely content to curl up in front of the TV and keep you company.” -Caitlin

“Super smart, loving, loyal, gregarious, agile and affable!” -Flapjack (for my partner in crime, Dan)

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