The Boxer was developed by crossing  Bullenbeisser mastiffs with Bulldogs in Munich, Germany in the 1850s, and first appeared in Britain in the 1930s. The aim was to create a medium-sized security dog.

Boxers are strong, athletic dogs with stout chests and elegant frames. They are aptly named for their tendency to draw up on hind legs and appear to box with their forepaws. Don’t be fooled by the brusque name, as boxers are incredibly affectionate and loyal, particularly to the children of their respected families where they take on the role of guardian angels. Boxers adore their families and distrust strangers making them excellent watchdogs.

Boxers have short, sleek and easy-to-groom coats that come in fawn or brindle, although white is not unheard of. Originally hunters of large game, boxers require regular exercise and room to roam around.



Sizes: large
Personality: brave, bright, confident, devoted, energetic, fearless, friendly, intelligent, loyal, playful
Kid Friendly (1-5): 3
Activity Level (1-5): 5
Trainability (1-5): 4

Hair lengths: short
Shedding (1-5): 3
Jobs: family pet, policing, therapy dog, watch dog

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