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The Dachshund is thought to have been developed in Germany in the 16th century to hunt badger and other prey. Meaning “badger dog” in German, the breed would go to ground and dig after the badger. Their short legs and long muscular body made them well suited. They are “big dogs in little dog bodies” , known to be very courageous (one breed standard says “Brave to the point of rashness”). They are high prey drive scent hounds, the only breed certified to hunt both above and below ground.  They are now very popular on social media, but they were almost extinct after WWI due to strong anti-German sentiments.

They are often nicknamed ‘Wiener Dogs’ or “Sausage Dogs” because of their long, narrow, hot-dog like torso. Classified by their two sizes (standard and mini) they come in 3 coat types- short-haired, long- haired wire- haired. The smooth-coated Dachshund has short, glossy fur. The wire-haired has a rougher outer coat with a softer, thinner undercoat, as well as eyebrows and a beard. The long-haired variety has wavy hair, with feathering on its tail.They can be solid coloured, dapple, brindle and piebald in black, brown, tan, red, cream, chestnut shades.  They have big oval eyes, long noses and long ears with a strong jaw. Many love their food and can often convince owners to overfeed.  Weight management is one of the most important prevention steps for back issues and a longer healthier life (1 in 4 dachshunds will have some sort of back issue in their lifetime).

Natural diggers and hunters, Dachshunds are good workers with plenty of energy and stamina.They need a lot of love and attention and can be very loving and loyal, like many of their owners.They often do well with more than one of their own kind. They can be quite active and stubborn, as well as territorial/protective. They are quite intelligent and can be well trained with patience. House training can be challenging, as their short stature makes it difficult to see when they are eliminating and many have an intense dislike of inclement weather. They tend to do better with older kids, so introduce Dachshunds to children with appropriate supervision or training.

They can make very smart, fun, wonderful companion dogs – perfect for adults. We know amazing talented doxies that hunt, hike, surf, perform, do therapy work, do scent work and do other sports.


Sizes: miniature, small
Personality: clever, courageous, devoted, energetic, playful, stubborn
Kid Friendly (1-5): 2
Activity Level (1-5): 4
Trainability (1-5): 3

Hair lengths: short, long
Shedding (1-5): 2
Jobs: hunting, lap dog, working

More about Dachshund Dog Breed:

 “Small and sassy and full of attitude!”- Emilie

“People often underestimate what small dogs are capable of. I swear that my little 10 lb Dachshund Gretel has more energy than a Great Dane. She can hike for 2 – 3 hours and barely be tired. Our average hikes are 6 – 8 miles.”- Jessica You did what with your Weiner

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